Real Pine Christmas Tree - Small

What is it

The Small Christmas tree is cute but packs a punch of Christmas cheer. 

Ranging between 1.5m-1.8m it perfectly fits into smaller homes and apartments. 

Care Instructions

It is essential you follow these instructions to get the most out of your tree:

  • Before you receive your tree we cut 1cm off the bottom to open up the pores.

  • It is important to get the tree straight home and into cool, clean water. If you don’t get the tree into water within an hour and it looks like the base has resealed with sap, we would recommend re-cutting the base at home.

  • Keep the water topped up above the base level at all times. It will be very thirsty especially in the first week.

  • Real Christmas trees hate the sun, heat and drafts. A cool, shady spot inside the house is ideal.

  • Do not be afraid to channel your inner green thumb and trim off any dry foliage or branches to freshen it up and achieve that perfect Christmas tree shape.

If you follow these instructions your tree should be at its best for approximately 3 weeks, although we cannot guarantee the longevity of any tree. At the end of the day, real Christmas trees are just that, REAL!

Home Delivery & Setup

Once you begin your checkout, select your date and time that you'd like your tree to be delivered.

Delivery costs range between $60 to $80 and all deliveries include a free setup and installation from our friendly team. 

Deliveries are only valid for customers within the metropolitan area of Brisbane. If you're postcode is not valid for delivery, feel free to email us at or give Gab a call on 0425 544 805, and we'll sort something out for you. 

Free Click & Collect 

Once you begin your checkout, select your date and time that you would like to come visit us and pick up your own tree at our store 52A Bishop St, Kelvin Grove 4059. 

Need a tree stand?

Our tree stands are great value and needed for any real Christmas tree. Browse the range here to add to your order.

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